Kathak comes from the Sanskrit word ‘Katha’ which means a story. ‘Katha Kahe So Kathak Kehlave’ – Kathak is the art of story-telling. It is a North Indian classical dance style which originated in temples and was later danced in courts of kings. There are three gharanas of Kathak – Lucknow, Jaipur and Benaras.
Anyone and everyone above the age of 7 is welcome.
We have admissions going on a rolling basis throughout the year. You can join at any time.

It’s never too late to start learning Kathak! We have students of all age groups. Our youngest student is 7 years old and the oldest are over 50.

Yes, you can join. From which level you can start will depend on how much you have learned earlier and how much of that you recollect. It will also depend on how long you have been out of practice.

Yes. Shruti has learned the Natraj Gopi Krishna Parampara, which is an amalgamation of the Lucknow and Benaras Gharanas, while she is now pursuing advanced training under Pt. Rajendra Gangani ji of Jaipur Gharana. We at SKILS do not interfere with the individual grace of the student which has developed in a certain style.

While some online training slots are available on weekends, currently we have only weekday classes conducted at three locations in Pune –
1. Karvenagar (Monday and Wednesday evenings)
2. Kalyaninagar (Tuesday evenings)
3. Baner (Thursday evenings) – *Batches are currently full. *

Yes. Every year all students of SKILS perform in our annual showcase ‘Avant Garde’.

Gandharva Mahavidyalaya exams are conducted in April/May and November/December. We usually require at least 1 to 1.5 years to complete the portion of one exam.

Yes. Gandharva Mahavidyalaya requires students to be thorough with practical and theory both. We have separate theory sessions for understanding core concepts of practice.

Even though we encourage our students to appear for exams, it is solely their decision.
Do note that even if you choose not to appear for exams, there will still be theory lessons which you need to be thorough with.

Yes. Personal classes are available in-person and online. Please get in touch over phone or email for more details.

Still stuck in?

Fell free to ask. We are happy to help you.