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dance is the hidden language of the soul - Martha Graham

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Shruti is a disciple of Pandit Rajendra Gangani ji, the illustrious master and leading light of Jaipur gharana.

She began her dance journey in 1997 when she was 7 years old, enamored by the beauty, grace, and poise of Kathak. Through her formative years, her Gurus were the doyens of Benaras and Lucknow gharanas, Guru Pta. Maneesha Sathe and her daughter, Guru Shambhavi Dandekar.


Dedication over distance


To dance is to be outside yourself, bigger, stronger, more beautiful. 


We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.

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Shruti is a fantastic dancer and a very patient teacher, specially with students like me who are slow learners, i would very much recommend to be a part of SKILS... She is good with her teaching abilities and of course an awesome dancer.

Pranoti Chandrashekhar Patwardhan

When passion and talent meet hard work' is the best way to describe Shruti. I am not someone who used to watch classical dances, but her choreographies and concepts are such that even a layman like me connect to them. Her way of teaching reflects perfection which can be seen in every one of her performance videos.

Vinay Bangartale

Shruti, apart from being a talented artist she is a wonderful teacher! When it comes to teaching she has all those skills of teaching, having great patience and dedication and most of all, respect for each and every student! She teaches with great passion and full of energy! With this great combination of her Talent and Skills, many wonderful artists will be created.

Sunita Kulkarni

These guys are on the leading edge! I was fortunate to have witnessed their annual program, and it was spectacular. Never expected a kathak troupe to captivate the attention of everyone in the family, across four generations, but these guy did exactly that. Their superb coordination and teamwork are testament to a very dedicated teacher. Excellent team and mesmerizing performances that leave you wishing for more. Kudos Shruti & team. We hope to see more of you soon.

Pranav R

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